pr-electronicEstablished in first of july 1994 at Eschach, Germany, the PR electronic company is concerned with the development, the manufacturing and the distribution of electronic system components. They focused especially on the scope of professional acoustic irridation. Completely new systems have been developed from PR electronic because of the at the time conventional systems, which possessed, next to an immense scale and high weight, not rarely compromises in the soundquality and reliability. The target thereby was to produce authentic components with a high sound-constancy and toughness at low scale and low weight. For proofing these characteristics consistently the systems were and are permanently worldwide “on tour“ as demonstration- respectively rentalsystems. The experiences attained at these adoptions can therefore be assumed quickly and unfiltered into the construction and manufacturing.

Furthermore also components for the signal-generation and transfer are developed and built. The experiences have been collected at the most important major events all over the world, not least through the cooperation of the companys founder as technical director at one of the leading enterprises of the show-laser-branche at that time. Therby audiosystems were adopted in the distinctest world-regions and places. 

In the year 2006 the line of business of PR electronic has been officially extended onto the development, manufacturing and the distribution of systems with audio-visual technologies. The business segment was complemented around modern technologies like for instance LED-technologies, fragrance-allocation-systems, video-displays up to proprietary solutions in the showcontrol. In the scope of showlaser-systems PR electronic works together successfully with the HB Laserkomponenten GmbH ( since this time.

The main business, next to the audio-technics, since then are projects respectively project plannings for installations in the professional sector/scope as well as planning and performance of major events all over the world.

The best possible result in technology, quality and design for an affordable price was and is the target that PR electronic aspires on behalf of its customers.

PR electronic, "Made In Germany" 20.04.2008