pr-electronic On our website you´ll find a lot of exciting SOUND products and information which guarantees an optimal sound playback.

PR electronic is a future-oriented sound forge. We are focused on reaching one simple target: Amplification of the original sound – nothing else!
Through the use of firstclass material, components and construction methods, our speaker systems fulfil highest expectations on the reproduction of any music material. The implementation of one of the strictest quality safing systems and our technical advance support the development of speakers for the perfect playback of all audio sources.

We are offering systems for musicians, ELA acustics irradiation, cinemas, installations, PA road-systems and many other applications; optimized for the best sound quality.
Our systems are built compactly with low weight – without compromises in the audio design. Furthermore our systems have a desperately high toughness. Together with the worldwide total warranty we guarantee every user the best sound performance wide over the usual degree.


The new reflex bass B110-R!

Strong bass in a compact housing!


The MK4-Series

Professional Fragrance Machine.


Rental Service

Event technology with
in-house systems!